Cosmetic Dentistry – Las Vegas, NV

Improve Your Smile and Your Confidence

Everyone takes notice of a great smile. Unfortunately, they also take notice of stained, gapped, cracked, or misaligned teeth. To make sure that your smile is getting the right sort of attention, Dr. Michael can offer a smile makeover using any number of cosmetic treatments, including dazzling veneers and reliable whitening procedures. Take note of what you want to improve about your grin, then call our dental office today to set up an appointment to learn more about your options for cosmetic dentistry in Las Vegas, NV.

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Porcelain Veneers

Animated smile during porcelain veneer cosmetic dentistry treatment

Drinking wine or coffee, smoking, and taking certain antibiotics can permanently discolor your enamel. A durable, stain-resistant solution to fixing your smile is porcelain veneers. Veneers are thin shells that are adhered to your prepared teeth. Once the process is complete, you’ll have a beautiful, long-lasting smile!

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Metal-Free Dental Crowns

Metal free dental crowns prior to placement

You usually hear dental crowns being recommended to fix broken teeth, but they can serve a purely cosmetic function as well! Regardless of whether you need a crown for health reasons or just to improve your appearance, we can give you a restoration made from porcelain or other ceramic material that matches the color of your natural teeth. This way, people meeting you for the first time won’t even realize that you’ve had dental work done at all.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Smile before and after cosmetic dental bonding

We can sculpt your problem teeth to get rid of minor imperfections using a cosmetic bonding procedure. A small amount of composite resin is shaded to blend in with your enamel, then applied to the problem area. Then we carefully work with the material until it completely covers the flaw and blends in with the surrounding tooth. Even though the procedure is done in about an hour, the results can last for a very long time.

Teeth Whitening

Smile before and after teeth whitening

Keeping your teeth looking as white as possible is a lot easier said than done. Brushing isn’t always enough to remove the stains caused by dark-colored foods and beverages. A professional whitening procedure can remove various types of discoloration. Our dental office utilizes KoR and ZOOM whitening for in-office and at-home whitening treatments; both are known to reliably make your smile several shades brighter. In-office whitening can be done in about an hour, but take-home kits let you complete the process while relaxing at home.

Gum Recontouring

Flawless smile after gum recontouring

If your gums cover a large portion of your teeth, your entire smile may end up looking uneven. Fortunately, you don’t have to force yourself to live with a gummy smile. Modern dentistry allows us to remove the excess gum tissue so that it doesn’t draw attention away from your beautiful teeth. This procedure can also be used to reshape the gum line if the tissue extends lower in some areas than others, thus improving the overall symmetry of the smile.

Smile Makeovers

Actual patient sharing smile after makeover

When you begin the smile makeover process, we’ll ask you to describe your ideal smile and the kind of improvements that you want to see by the end. Bringing pictures of your favorite smiles can help you illustrate what you’re looking for. Once we have an idea of what your goals are, we can put together a plan that combines any number of cosmetic treatments to make the desired changes.