Periodontal Disease Treatment – Las Vegas, NV

Improve Your Overall Gum Health

Whenever you visit the dentist, you’re probably primarily concerned about your teeth. However, we won’t forget about your gums. If they become infected, this can lead to tooth loss and other problems. Dr. Michael can treat your gum disease with a deep cleaning process, and he can also provide antibiotics to continue fighting the infection. Call today to schedule a consultation to learn more about periodontal disease treatment in Las Vegas, NV if you’re experiencing red, swollen, or bleeding gums.

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What is Periodontal (Gum) Disease?

Animated smile with receding gums before periodontal therapy

 In the United States, gum disease is the main reason people lose their teeth. Gum disease can cause the gums to bleed, become discolored, pull away from the teeth, and create bad breath that won’t go away. At Rose Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we utilize lasers to complete periodontal therapy procedures. Your safety and health are ensured with this method. The laser gently disinfects the bacteria-laden areas of your gum line and evaporates the diseased tissues. Laser therapy usually results in less bleeding, swelling, and discomfort compared to more traditional methods.

Scaling & Root Planing

Closeup of smile after scaling and root planing treatment

The earliest form of gum disease, gingivitis, can often be treated with a normal dental cleaning and thorough brushing. At the more advanced periodontitis stage, however, we’ll need to complete a deep cleaning to effectively treat the source of the problem. For this, scaling is used to remove plaque and tartar before root planing is performed to create smooth surfaces that are less prone to bacterial buildup. You may need to visit our dental office more often than usual so that we can perform the necessary cleaning procedures to keep your gum disease from coming back.

Antibiotic Therapy

Antibiotic therapy pill pack

Antibiotics reduce or temporarily eliminate the bacteria that cause gum disease. We will typically prescribe them along with scaling and root planing. This way, you’ll have an effective method for fighting gum disease outside of our dental office. Studies have shown that antibiotic therapy helps improve the mouth’s ability to successfully heal after gum disease treatment. We can go into more detail about the antibiotics we prescribe and why they are suitable for your situation when you visit our dental office.